Meet Wilmington, NC Artist Mary Carter Carmen

Mary was born in Rochester NY on March 29, 1959. Before moving to
Wilmington, NC in 1998, Mary lived in Portland, Maine,
San Diego California and Cedar City Utah.

Mary attended Prep School at Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine,
and received her BA degree in Studio Art from UNCW in 2002.

Her work has been shown at Franklin Gallery and Barn and Beach Designs, Southport NC,Hannah Block USO Building, Artful Living Group, Enchanted Realm, Art in the Arboretum, The Artworks and Cameron Art Museum

Mary Carter Carmen is a current member of the
Associated Artists of Southport (AAS) and the
Wilmington Art Association (WAA).

Mary's creations in Collage, Acrylic and Oil are consistently balanced residing in lush color and structural truth.

Glowing with her love of nature and spiritual connectivity, her audience is lured into a mystical mystery, the solve of which is both peaceful and serene.

ARTMAC Art by Mary Carter Carmen

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